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  • January 18 - 31: Participated in the MIT Summer Research Program 2021 Application Review Committee.

  • December 8: Awarded the State Youth Award on Academic Accomplishment by Chihuahua's government. 

  • November 19: Invited interview with Youtech (Watch video here).

  • September 17: Featured as a role model by Latino Community Stage (Read note here).

  • August 12: Awarded the City Youth Award on Academic Accomplishment by Juarez' government. 

  • July 15 to July 24: Participated as reviewer in the MIT Summer Research Program Lightning Talk Forum.

  • July 10:  Article accepted by the Journal of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Title: Assessing the effect of regularization on the molecular properties predicted by SCAN and self-interaction corrected SCAN meta-GGA (Read here).

  • June 2: Organized an informative session of Clubes de Ciencia Mexico with students from Instituto Tesla de Ciudad Juarez.

  • April 29: Talk at APS March Meeting: Assessment of SCAN and Regularized SCAN Functionals with and without Self Interaction Correction (Watch video here).

  • April 28: Article posted on arXiv: Comparison of regularized SCAN functional with SCAN functional with and without self-interaction for a wide-array of properties (Read article here).

  • February 25: Awarded a Distinguished University Fellowship by OSU and an additional research award by its Physics Department.

  • February 6 to February 16: Participated in the MIT Summer Research Program Application Review Committee.

  • January 21: Accepted to the PhD in Physics at the Ohio State University (OSU).

  • January 13 to June 13: Worked at the Instituto Tesla de Ciudad Juarez as lecturer of Selected Topics in Physics II.

  • January 10: Featured in the UTEP University Honors Student Spotlight (Read note here).

  • January - May: Performed research at the UTEP Electronic Structure Laboratory as part of the FLOSIC DOE multi-institutional collaboration.

  • December 15: Graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with bachelor degrees in Physics and Mathematics and 4.0 overall GPA. 

  • December 10:  Awards for Academic and Research Excellence by the UTEP Physics and Mathematics Departments. 

  • December 16: Award to the Society of Physics Students (SPS) at UTEP during my presidency for becoming a Distinguished Chapter.

  • December 4: Presented honors senior thesis to UTEP Physics Department.

  • October 11: Selected as banner bearer for the UTEP College of Science during Winter Commencement (Read note here).

  • August 7: Presented at the FLOSIC annual collaboration meeting.

  • August 3: Presented at the UTEP COURI annual symposium.

  • August - December: Served as the president for the Society of Physics Student at UTEP.

  • January - December: Performed research at the UTEP Electronic Structure Laboratory as part of the FLOSIC DOE multi-institutional collaboration.

  • December - 3: Participated in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition.
  • October - 21: Presented at the Joint Meeting of the Four Corners and Texas Sections of the American Physical Society (APS) (Read abstract here).
  • September - 7: Launched The Rolling Youth Camp (Read info here). Last day of my service to the U.S. Consulate's Youth Council. 
  • September - 2: First day teaching seminars of Introductory Mechanics (PHYS 2420) at UTEP.
  • August - 5: Presented at the COURI 2016 Symposium at UTEP.
  • May - 31 to August - 8: Worked as a SURPASS Scholar at UTEP.
  • April: Became member of the American Physical Society (APS).
  • March - 23: Accepted to the Summer Undergraduate Research Program Assistantship (SURPASS) at UTEP in the project Properties of Nuclear Matter.
  • March - 1: Accepted to UTEP's University Honors Program (UHP).
  • January - 20: First day working as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant at UTEP.
  • January - 11 to 18: Volunteered at Exhibit LLC's Expo-Educando event (university fair).
  • September - 23: First meeting with representatives from La Rodadora to introduce The Rolling Youth Camp (TRYC).
  • September: Became member of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) UTEP Chapter.
  • August - 26: Participated in the project assignment of Idea-Hack by Campus Link.
  • August - 24: Started bachelor's studies in Physics at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). 
  • August - 6: Attended the United States - Mexico Summit: A view from the border.
  • July - 12: Meeting with founders of DNA Works Adam McKinney and Daniel Banks to provide insight of the life in the Ciudad Juarez- El Paso border.
  • June - 26: Graduated as the valedictorian of the rigorous Escuela Preparatoria Central de Ciudad Juarez, Class of 2015.
  • May - 12: Second place winner of the Max Planck Physics contest organized by the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juarez (UACJ).​
  • May - 19: Three members of ACT (Jashia González, Frida Ulloa, Alfonso Elías) and one non-member are selected to attend the Jóvenes en Acción leadership program.
  • April - 24: Participated in the Model of United Nations of the U.S. Consulate General, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (Watch video here).
  • March - 30: Issue of official U.S Consulate's Youth Council Acceptance Letter (Read letter here). 
  • December - 7 to 10: Participated in the Cumbre Binacional Viral 2014. 
  • November - 28: First place winner at Mathematics state contest organized by Servicios Educativos del Estado de Chihuahua.
  • Note: I was in this contest while my partners from ACT were in Delicias, Chihuahua receiving our shared youth state award.​
  • November - 27: Awarded the Youth State Award by the State of Chihuahua Government for Social Engagement (Shared).
  • October - 17 to 19: Participated in the Youth Council Summit organized by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City (Read note here).​
  • August - 27: Launched the ACT leadership program
  • May - 28 (17th birthday): Finalist of the national leadership program Jóvenes en Acción with the project ACT: Hacia la Creación de Agentes de Cambio.  
  • May: First place winner of the Max Planck Physics contest organized by the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez (UACJ) (Read note here).

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