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Project | 03

Society of Physics Students (SPS) at UTEP 

In May 2019, I became (informally until August) President of the SPS at my undergraduate institution. During my participation with SPS, I have been author of:

     1. Physics-related booth carnival games: The Ionization Game and The Standard Model (See description here).

     2. Undergraduate Physics Colloquia: I did not have the idea, but I managed its implementation and gave the pilot talk (See slides here).

     3. Outreach talks to high school seniors from STEM-focused institutions in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (more than 200 to date. See some pictures and diplomas here).

See social media portfolio:
UTEP Society of Physics Students

Project | 02

The Rolling Youth Camp 

A great event for more than 350 middle school students.

The U.S. Consulate's Youth Council (with me as a founding member) in Ciudad Juarez and representatives of La Rodadora Museum planned and prepared this camp for one year.

It took place in September 7th, 2016 and aimed to address social issues concerning the youth in Ciudad Juarez, like drug abuse and crime, through examples of resilience. 

See social media portfolio:
The Rolling Youth Camp

Project | 01

Trascendental Agents of Change (ACT)

ACT was founded in 2014 by Andrea Chavez, Jose Maria Chavez, Pamela Hernandez, and me.

Our aim was to make high school students active in their communities. We exercised basic public speaking skills, proposals of community projects, etc.

This was probably the most challenging and enriching experience of my teenage. We reached the sight of people from all corners of Juarez, some members became participants in political campaigns and active feminists. Others created their own organizations. 

Our activities ended in May, 2016. 

See social media portfolio:

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